We are a fast growing company engaged in the manufacture and processing of plastics. Our modern machinery park is equipped with high-tech laser plotters, CNC milling machines and plastic bending machines. We also have our own professional design department. Plexiled is characterized by professionalism, high quality of service and timely execution of orders.


We work with many industries, including:

  • sports- football clubs, cross country clubs- trophies, medals, statues, gadgets;
  • industry / factory - precisely cut elements, produced by us with accuracy to 0,1 mm;
  • shops, wholesalers - exhibition, shop displays.

We also cooperate with foreign customers and export our products abroad.

A full list of services that we offer:

  • cuts
  • bending
  • engraving
  • milling
  • bonding

Company Information

32-329 Bolesław, Poland

ul. Główna 326

Łukasz Poczęsny

+48 535 780 328

Marcin Poczęsny

+48 501 249 043